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Going Tradigital: Marketing Mix from the Customer's Point-Of-View

In America, 50% of consumers prefer traditional, 50% prefer digital. Do you know which side your customers are on? Read the insights from our nationwide customer sentiment poll done in partnership with CivicScience.

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Tradigital fuses traditional and digital marketing channels to create a more comprehensive understanding of customer engagement. It’s an approach for those who understand that it’s not about driving customers to a channel you want to use, it is about being able to understand which ones they want to use and correlating their use to your marketing efforts.


The percentage of US consumers that don’t respond to Twitter. The world doesn’t revolve around social alone.

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The percentage of ad dollars that will be spent on traditional media in 2017. It continues to be the way to reach a mass audience.

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The percentage of an advertising budget that’s wasted. Do you know which half of your budget is being wasted?

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Learn How Atmosferiq Can Improve Your Visibility

Atmosferiq helps locally-focused advertisers, large and small, reveal customer engagement by correlating customer relevant traditional and digital marketing channels in one simple interface. We help marketers organize, understand, and optimize their multi-channel marketing efforts.

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An easy, web-based platform to help marketers generate insights, optimize marketing spend, and improve customer engagement.

  • Quick and Easy Channel Configuration
  • All-in-one Multichannel Dashboard
  • Customizable Marketing Plan and Goals

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"We're largely left to our own devices to figure out the success of our marketing dollars. Having both traditional and digital channels makes that process significantly more complicated. Atmosferiq has really helped us simplify things."

Bill Schlageter , Director of Marketing, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

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